SJ MICO 100 – suitable for every IT environment

The SJ MICO 100 is development from SCHWARTE JANSKY. The easy-to-use data acquisition system integrates simply into existing fleets and EDP environments and provides additional diagnostic options.

One for All

The data acquisition and measuring system control are available in one device with all types of data transmission and conversion available for the V 4000, V 2000, OSM and Jumbo.

Customised and flexible

Meeting client requirements quickly using a powerful operating system, modular application software and an XML data format, and monitoring device configuration and remote diagnostics via the Internet.

100% secure

Information can be secured by backing up all of the data via modules on an SD memory card.

Top Service

In-house manufacturing ensures the service, the availability of spare parts and regular software maintenance. Carefree service provided by our technicians.