The transportation solution for all types of beer - perfectly chilled everywhere

Fresh beer - from the brewery directly to customers. SCHWARTE JANSKY has developed a ready-made transportation solution which sets the standard with its BTS V60 beer barrel system. The system is equally suitable for use on chassis, swap bodies or on semi-trailers with its short and compact design. State-of-the-art measuring and control technology ensures that it can be transported and served in the pub safely, and also ensure optimised logistics processes. With the BTS V60 you can deliver up to three different types of beer at the same time. The verifiable measuring system records all of the information simultaneously during the delivery, which therefore allows you to plan the entire round from the brewery.

Beer transportation with SCHWARTE JANSKY - the technical benefits

  • An uninterrupted cooling chain from the brewery tank into the beer glass
  • Transported, stored and served in the pub without the need for oxygen
  • Transportation and storage without carbonisation
  • Storage inside the catering tank with brewery style quality
  • Guaranteed beer quality with a fault-safe operation
  • No need to refill and clean the keg
  • Minimal refilling costs
  • Calibrated pulling of beer pints
  • 80 m discharge hose

BTS V60 – the benefits for your logistics

  • Delivery rounds can be scheduled one month in advance
  • A state-of-the-art system for data acquisition and processing additional data
  • Up to 30,000 hl/year serving capacity per tank vehicle
  • Vehicle can be operated easily by one person
  • Lower transportation costs for small customers (10 hl/month)
  • Cost benefits: beer can be stored by the customer
  • High draughting capabilities for customers with multiple tanks
  • No need for transporting empties