Custom-sized MSW structures for every vehicle basis

SCHWARTE JANSKY provides structures for milk floats of all sizes and for all types of vehicle, from the compact 2-axle to the transportable 5-axle version. Our structures combine state-of-the-art technical solutions for efficient and clean transportation. The tank is extremely stable in spite of its particularly light construction. Less dead weight means you have greater transportation volume and can therefore transport more effectively. Our systems for measuring equipment, taking samples and data acquisition make it easy for your staff to work and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Your advantages with SCHWARTE JANSKY

  • Individual structures are maximised for each chassis and for the respective loading capacity.
  • Tank formats are constructed from high-quality nickel-chromium steel ‒ in both insulated an insulated models.
  • Their extremely robust structure is made from various materials - and is suitable for every vehicle base
  • The CIP system for fast and safe serial cleaning
  • Integrated systems for measuring and taking samples in a rear, transversal or side cabin as required.
  • A modular system with optional expandable components.
  • Solid driving characteristics thanks to the vehicle’s low centre of gravity