You can reliably determine the quantity of milk with our sampling systems, and can therefore optimally acquire raw material data. Our fully automatic sample filling systems without volume preselection are compatible with all identification systems such as barcodes, transponders or scanner codes. SCHWARTE JANSKY sampling produces representative milk samples both for suppliers and over the entire content of the tank inside compartments maximised for space which allow for it to be chilled in an energy-efficient manner.


The SCHWARTE JANSKY sampler is compatible with all SCHWARTE JANSKY measurement systems. It provides unique supplier security and can be both monitored and controlled electronically.
  • Controlled sampling system for bottling milk samples inside the milk float
  • Approximate sampling without delays
  • Continuous adjustment of the specified quantities
  • No time is lost during sampling
  • Simple and thorough cleaning, because it is integrated into the CIP cleaning circuit

Mitex III

The Mitex III is the most flexible way of acquiring data. No precise volume preselection is necessary when using the Mitex III, because the quantity being selected can be set very variably inside the storage container. In addition, it is also possible to install the filling system outside the measuring system!
  • 3 steps for accepting quantities from 20 to 30,000 litres
  • A large dynamic range for multiple daily departures to the same supplier with varying quantities but without adaptation
  • Simple implementation of multiple and full tank samples
  • Can be adjusted correctly using the diverting flow divider
  • Service interval display for safe operation