Optimate - Vacuum technology for flexible volumes

The high-precision vacuum measuring system with a water ring pump is suitable for both large and small quantities. Innovative technology ensures continuous suction power throughout the entire reception process. Optimate therefore forms the ideal basis for the complete OSM system and will convince you with its longevity and cost-effective maintenance.

For universal use

Suitable for all quantities of milk, a continuously regulated centrifugal pump generates a continuous vacuum, with överflow protection provided under the most problematic suction conditions.

Easy to operate

Intuitive operator guidance via a display, a logic controller (PLC) which can be programmed using software, and available with MICO, DICO and MAK3003 data technology.

Fits onto every vehicle

Straightforward installation on the side of the vehicle, at the rear or on the bonnet, which is also possible with existing milk floats and transporters.

Saves time and is easy to service

Automatic butterfly valve control: That irritating manual opening and closing is brushed aside just as if it were being reconstructed. Only the seals are replaced during maintenance work. Everything is quicker and cuts costs.