Dico 700 – the premium solution

Our new development, the DiCo 700 is a milestone when it comes to mobile data acquisition: The EDP system for milk floats can be integrated seamlessly into existing IT systems using defined interfaces, and it is compatible with state-of-the-art peripheral devices. The Dico 700 impresses with a large number of automated function, is particularly user-friendly and has an intuitive touch screen.

Comfortable operation

Inputs directly via the touchscreen, navigates easily with the menu via the graphic display and analyses programs with plain text display and printouts in various languages.

Comprehensive database functions

Integrated PLC software, interfaces for programming various EDP systems, data tr̈ansmission in a number of formats such as the HLS memory card, the Ultrakust dairy and laboratory cassette, cable, modem via GSM etc.

Everything at a glance

Simple identification of supplier numbers and sample bottles via transponder, barcode, scanner, GPS etc.

Everything under control

Automatic pre-sampling, monitoring the sample process, electronic calibration seals without adhesive labels, automatic ̈guideline separation with tank cell assignments as well as̈ tank overflow protection using the measuring system shutdown feature.